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Nation Building in Iraq

April 7th, 2010

This is a syndicated post, originally from Free Association.

These videos of what surely looks like U.S. cold-blooded murder in Baghdad in 2007 have been widely distributed. Included among the victims were two people working for Reuters; two children were also in the group attacked.

A few comments:

1. The helicopter personnel seemed to be enjoying themselves;

2. The people on the ground were no threat to the American people whatever. Even if they were a threat to the U.S. military, that is only because it is occupying Iraq. There's a simple way to end any such threat -- withdraw.

3. What happened to Obama's promise to get out?

4. See Glenn Greenwald's "Iraqi Slaughter Not an Aberration."

In case anyone has missed the videos, here they are:


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April 7th, 2010

This is a syndicated post, originally from Fafblog.

Literally tens of Americans were shocked this week to discover that the United States military likes to kill people. Unsettling news, yes, particularly for those of us who had assumed in good faith that one million Iraqis had accidentally slipped on a banana peel one morning and fallen into a pile of mislaid cruise missiles, but before we leap to all sorts of unsightly conclusions, calling Our

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