Make the sentences negative and interrogative to express Doubt or disbelief Model He is lying. The friend of my mother. No more for me thanks. The Browns must fail to get in touch with us. I left the gas on. But should I hear something, I'll let you know.

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Cadbury's make fine chocolate. Why she has to go I don't know, for she wouldn't say. Practise the modal verb should to express reproach in "A Long Sentence Game" Begin the game by saying: I was to tell people's fortunes. The judge sent an innocent man to prison. This was her third Christmas in the shop, and she was convinced she would have a lot of customers, both her regulars and new ones. Bucket has to support his elderly parents. Work has to come first. He didn't wear a hat. I feel bad about the situation, because I love my parents and they trust me, but this relationship is really important to me. The way of nature. Will you marry me? What would you do if you were in my shoes? He studies the fishes of the Atlantic. The ships reached the harbour safely, although Comment on the meanings of the word fruit. Why should some people be rich while others are poor? You cannot make bricks without straw. He doesn't really need to go. Pam would have got the job Should I Lie to My Parents? Use the correct form of the verb. A man can do no more than he can. I don't think he is telling the truth. As she turned the corner of her road, the world fall before her eyes:

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20p price live sex chat

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