These estimates are available by special request. This data is currently in use by over 20 percent of all fortune companies. NCHS released the following bridged-race population files on June 27, The Gulf Coast portions were added in , although still in dispute with Spain until The totals for and are for areas then in Mississippi Territory.

Alabama age sex race demographics

The last nationwide US Census figures represented a rise of 4. Only two other cities currently have a population of at least 50, The most recent US Census in recorded the population of Alabama as 4,, Market segments may identify a particular age group, such as baby boomers born or millennials born , that have certain buying patterns and characteristics. Alabama Population 4,, According to US Census projections for , Alabama 's population is estimated to be 4. It is valuable to know the current customer and where the potential customer may come from in the future. NCHS used the unrevised intercensal estimates to recalculate some vital rates for in the and birth and death reports. If you are looking for world-class demographic data, you cannot beat our lists. In , Mississippi Territory was expanded to include the rest of Alabama except for the Gulf Coast portion, which was added in although still in dispute with Spain until Alabama's population was recently eclipsed by South Carolina 's, pushing Alabama to 24th in state rank by population. There is only one city in the state with a population of over ,, and that's Jackson. April 1, , July 1, — July 1, , by year, single-year of age, bridged-race category, Hispanic origin, and sex. Mississippi currently has a population growth rate of 0. We have made the payment and download process so simple that you will have this data downloaded to your computer in less than 5 minutes! These estimates are available by special request. If similar increases continue to occur, then the number of people living in Mississippi may soon surpass 3 million. The most populated counties are Hinds , - but has been losing population since , Harrison , , and DeSoto , counties. Demographics make certain generalizations about groups to identify customers. The demographics information that comes with this package is priceless and literally contains data for over 91 data fields multiplied by 42, active zip codes. Many data systems, such as vital statistics, are continuing to use the OMB standards during the transition to full implementation of the OMB standards. Census coverage of present-day Mississippi began in in the southwestern section close to the Mississippi River. Each market segment can be analyzed for its consumer spending patterns. This data is updated by us monthly and we can guarantee that data will pay for itself VERY quickly as you will surely see. In the official State total , did not include the population 16, of three counties whose census returns only arrived in Washington in Mississippi Area and Population Density Situated in the southwest US, Mississippi is the 32nd largest state in the country with an area that covers 48, square miles. Our race and age demographics data databases are our most popular data sets that we offer. Governmental agencies collect data when conducting a national census and may use that demographic data to forecast economic patterns and population growth in order to better manage resources.

Alabama age sex race demographics

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Alabama age sex race demographics

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