They are bastions of Irish culture, Irish food, Irish music and Irish sports. Most likely in an authentic Irish pub, blow-ins will be limited to a hotel pub. Pub decors are warm, comfortable and dark and are the perfect place to find rest after a hard day of work or labor. It is always good to start up a conversation with the locals especially when you are in new place, Irish people are the best when it comes to meeting famous talkative especially over a few drink; many pubs are known for having a great mix of character. Top of Form You will get chatting with the locals:

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Pubs are more than just places to drink, many pubs offer foods and are happy to cater for families, do not expect to find too many places serving traditional dishes especially those that are not very popular. Whereas a bar is a bar, a pub is more of a meeting place, a place to socialize, a family environment, a place for storytelling, laughter, singing and a hub for community activity. Chatting with the Locals: Pub decors are warm, comfortable and dark and are the perfect place to find rest after a hard day of work or labor. A pub is a perfect place to feel the excitement especially on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday. Do not expect trumpets and red carpets then because it is for private, members-only clubs. One of the most beautiful places to socialize, exchange stories, share pleasantries, get relaxed and warm shelter from the weather, play music and watch strange local sports on the television, meet plenty of local character keens to tell you their stories and share their passion is in Irish pubs. The Irish sense of Drama: Every authentic pub will be very laid and chilling; it is a place for relaxation for meeting friends, colleagues. Reasons why pubs are means of top attractions: The etiquette in Irish pubs are not the same everywhere, and hence they vary from place to place, there are over 7, Irish themed public pubs worldwide, and most pubs in tourist-oriented areas are very much likely to serve food to their customers. Pubs have a hallmark of their culture, and they include social atmosphere, sports, warm drinks and foods and traditional hearty music. They are meeting places for friends and neighbors. The reasons why many people love pubs is because of its authenticity and below are what we need to know about an authentic pub: Variety is also an essential factor to consider, good pubs come in all shapes and sizes, and this ranges from modern gastropubs to serving the latest in international cuisine. The standard of these musicians is very high; there is nowhere better to hear traditional music than a bar that has an attractive audience. A great pub is a timeless piece of design, and it looks better with age and care, unusual and unique features that make the pubs appealing are framed pictures. They are bastions of Irish culture, Irish food, Irish music and Irish sports. Why is the appeal so universal? You will stumble across them find them in almost any country you travel to. In-country pubs, there is a close relationship between the customers and staffs of the pub; also all regular customers know themselves in a famous or well-known pub. Irish bartenders take time to lovingly pour pints of Guinness. That is what makes sipping of Guinness in traditional pubs high in many tourists list. Irish pubs are the perfect place to discover some Irish music, for hundreds of years most traditional musicians have gathered in pubs to share music, and you may be lucky enough to stumble upon one. The classic look of an Irish pub often features a lot of dark stained wood, touches of dark green leather and the obligatory Guinness mirror. There is a passionate love for sport in Ireland — especially, football, rugby and hurling. Because they know that when they go there, any choice of their drinks can be found there.

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