Early versions allowed you to peel back the banana skin to recover a flesh-coloured banana underneath use your imagination. The media may have changed, from vinyl to cassettes to CDs, and then recently back to vinyl again, but the imagery created to represent our favourite bands' music has continued to be an vital and vibrant element of pop culture. And just in case you needed the irony spelling out, the plane's tail number, 3MTA3, spells "Eat Me" backwards. The effect was heightened by the sleeve's lurid colour palette, which was based on a series of stickers distributed by the Situationalist political movement the originals read: The cover features two versions of the Beatles. And the cover, art-directed by David Bowden , was suitably and beautifully epic. It was designed by Malcolm Garrett and illustrated by Patrick Nagel , who was known for celebrating the female form in a style that combined the Art Deco tradition with contemporary fashion designs. The child he shot was four-month-old Spencer Elden, the son of one of Weddle's friends. The cover design, too, is a classic.

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The use of obscenity, cast in the kind of cut-out lettering commonly associated with criminal ransom notes, was shocking to audiences of the time. But the Mississippi singer who became known as The King threw away that rulebook, thrusting his hips in an overtly sexual style and running wild with a raw, primal energy. But if an artist is big enough, it still makes an impact, and few artists have been bigger in the s than Beyonce. Never Mind The Bollocks by the Sex Pistols The cover that established in court, once and for all, that you could put a rude word on an album While the psychedelic era saw album covers commonly feature intricate, surreal and lavish illustrations, punk stripped everything to its bare essentials. Duran Duran, a band from Birmingham, England, were among the leading lights of the New Romantic movement, which cleverly combined an art-school sensibility with the kind of pop-funk stylings a mainstream audience could actually dance to. A major landmark in the resulting crossover was Primal Scream's third album, which brought together rock, psychedelia, dub, house and gospel in one glorious concoction. Combining hip-hop and electronica, the musical output of the band was groundbreaking enough, but they further excited audiences and the media by presenting themselves in the form of cartoon characters, from magazine covers to music videos to websites. The impactful design combines an arrestingly mournful image of the singer, photographed by Nicole Nodland , with big and bold typography based on a bespoke font, adding a truly cinematic feel to the design. Early versions allowed you to peel back the banana skin to recover a flesh-coloured banana underneath use your imagination. Rowen appeared on three U2 albums in total, and is now himself a professional photographer. The use of 'bollocks' a term in British English that means both 'nonsense' and 'testicles' led to a police raid on a Virgin record store that stocked the record. The dollar and fish hook were added later. Then came grunge, which brought everything back to its basics and acted like a big 'reset' button, just as punk had done two decades earlier. But there's no official explanation about why this particular shot was chosen, leaving fans to speculate on the meaning of the cornrows symbolising black culture? Parklife by Blur Parklife's album cover appropriated working-class culture perfectly As the s progressed, British youngsters started to tire of ecstasy-fuelled raves, and a vacuum opened up in youth culture. In a social media age in which being talked about seems to be the main aim of all celebrities, from pop stars to Presidents, this may be the perfect album cover for our times. It's not necessarily the happiest of scenes, but for many fans, it's been an essential and life-enhancing one. Instead, his funny and poetic lyrics led him to be instantly adopted by middle-class intellectuals, a fact that baffles him to this day. The image used, shot by photographer Bob Thomas, was taken from a stock image library and was not, contrary to popular belief, shot in Walthamstow. And the cover, art-directed by David Bowden , was suitably and beautifully epic. A Modern Project that focuses on the capital at night, the shot fits nicely into the "sex, drugs and on the dole" narrative spun by Skinner throughout his debut. Then came acid house, ecstasy, rave Seen in that light, the album's cover art, featuring frontwoman Amy Lee in defiant alt-girl pose, was perfectly chosen. Designed by Steve Byram and illustrated by World B. Designed by the pop artists Peter Blake and Jann Haworth and based on an ink drawing by Paul McCartney, this turned out to be one of the most expensive album covers in history, partly because they had to pay so many people to use their likenesses.

Bibb county ga sex offender

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Bibb county ga sex offender

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    Lemonade by Beyonce Lemonade's cover has been the subject of frenzied speculation Let's be frank; in the modern era, with streaming taking over from downloads and social sharing replacing record-store browsing, album artwork has declined in importance. Group leader Chuck D, who had himself studied graphic design at New York's Adelphi University, came up with the concept of two worlds a 'black' planet and Earth eclipsing.


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