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1,000-Person Mound in Ninoshima Quarantine Facility near Hiroshima

August 6th, 2006

Here is a column, on top of a large mound of earth, with Japanese writing.

Grave marker with 1000-Person Mound written in India ink

Photo / Shunkichi Kikuchi Courtesy / Tokuko Kikuchi
October 17, 1945, Aza Majidomari, Ninoshima-cho

This mound was by the sea in Majidomari near the Horse Quarantine Station. About August 25, 1945, the marker was placed there by quarantine staff during a memorial service. In those days, burial sites were everywhere.

#28. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Special Exhibit on the Island of Final Rest (2003).

As a sort of virtual tour guide, the Special Exhibit includes these manga drawings of a grandmother, who had been a nurse during the war, showing her grandchildren through the exhibit.

In front of this photograph, the granddaughter asks "Are these all graves?" while the grandson stares. The grandmother replies, "Because so many died at once, it was impossible to bury them all in individual graves."