It turns out that her tight little pussy just won't accommodate her husband's big cock, which explains why they both sleep around. A therapist would have helped me, I hope your condition gets better. When Laura sucked his cock, her head blocked my view, and most of the time when he was fucking her, I couldn't see anything but his ass bobbing up and down. She looked at the weight area for Kurt, but he had already disappeared. I silently cursed him for being so inconsiderate. Her boyfriend, Kurt, was working late at the Gym due to the construction. The next few weeks were some of the most exciting of my life. One time when i paid him back money I owed he said: They went at it for an hour and George got the blowjob he'd craved.

Caught wife cheating sex stories

I didn't get to cum. As I watched her writhe in orgasmic ecstasy, I shot my load into my hand. Cindy went to his office to surprise him, but it was locked. At first I took all his green jokes about my wife as a compliment, what man doesnt want to be told he married a gorgeous woman. She wrapped the towel around herself covering her flushed breasts and headed to the front. This kept on for months: I reminded him that I expected him to give my wife a good fucking. He knew that I would show the tapes to his wife if he didn't play along, and she was just looking for a way to clean him out in divorce court. When I saw how much she enjoyed having both holes filled, I decided that someday soon I would team up with George to give her the real thing. George loved it right from the start, and Laura soon got into it herself. As soon as they caught their breath, I had them do a sixty-nine with Laura on top. When Laura took his dick out of her mouth and pumped it with her hand, I was able to estimate its length. Kurt passed through cleaning up some of the free weights that had been left out. Laura came three times before we finished, and they were all strong orgasms. George's cock was so big that Laura could only suck the head and the ultra-sensitive area just behind it. His cock measured out at a very impressive ten and a half inches. I insisted, though, and he finally got started. The panic-stricken man was practically in tears. What happened next was disappointing, to say the least. He stepped out when he heard the first locker open and quickly grabbed the leotard and panties. I had had no idea she was such an expert at masturbation. Behind her Kurt watched from one of the showers. Maybe she was in the wrong section. He would be off for the rest of the weekend and had promised to make up for the late night Friday by taking her out on Saturday. George pushed Laura's pretty head back down on his cock, whining that his wife Connie hadn't sucked him off in years. My balls were rubbing against George's balls.

Caught wife cheating sex stories

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Caught wife cheating sex stories

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