If in doubt Stop Reading. She had a plummy voice, the result of years of public school education and generations of privilege. She glanced over to the other side of the studio to see Andrea waiting to present the weather, She was wearing the skimpiest bikini Penny had ever seen, Andrea had been standing in front of the air conditioning unit for ten minutes and her nipples were fighting to break free from the thin fabric. If you dont drink every last drop in the next five minutes, your sister will be sucking dog cock within an hour. Penny looked down and saw the tranquilliser dart protruding from her chest as unconsciousness took her once more. Penny watched as Myleene turned and went away, She noticed the ugly red welts all over the bottom of the younger girl. The drugs effect was almost immediate and resulted in the ability to maintain an erection for three hours. Charlotte was to discover even greater levels of humiliation as She was used as a fucktoy for the next three days by twenty five members of the gang. A seemingly never ending supply of beautiful women who were persuaded to indulge Igors twisted sexual tastes.

Celebrity sex tape veronica portillo

Igor had all of the trappings that wealth brings, multiple houses, luxury cars even a private jet. Penny was crying uncontrollably now, She knew from the film in front of her and the awful pain She was in that this was very real and that they were deadly serious. There was a small stage set up in the centre of the room. Penny still crying uncontrollably just couldnt believe what She was hearing, what would be the point, while the crew and whoever they shared the tape with, would She had no doubt love it, there was absolutely zero chance of it being transmitted on national T. Charlottes face was streaked with mascara stained tears, her ass and inner thighs streaked with welts from the severe caning She had been given to ensure her capitulation. As Penny looked around She estimated there must be about thirty woman in the hall all being violently abused. Another man was furiously frigging Pennys painfully dry pussy. Penny knew that Igors influence was the reason her nude beach report had been met with approval and support. She would sometimes wear a thin top with no bra underneath in the evening while She and the crew relaxed in the hotel. The pills were Viaprime an as yet unlicensed derivative of Viagra. She was wearing a French maids uniform, the uniform was extremely low cut showing off her ample breasts and erect nipples, it was also so short that Penny could see her exposed pussy. Penny jumped as her phone rang, She didnt answer it but immediately left her apartment. Penny looked down and saw the tranquilliser dart protruding from her chest as unconsciousness took her once more. Kates outfit was a series of leather straps and buckles resembling horse tackle. Penny began to scream but this was cut short by another phutt sound which was followed instantly by a piercing pain in her chest. Hi Penny I see they got you too a familiar voice said, Penny turned to be greeted by her colleague Kate Garraway. Penny walked to the kerb where a black Mercedes with dark windows waited. Vlad continued Im sure you are wondering why we are here, please allow me to explain The images on the screen in front of her began to change, there were still scenes featuring her from GMTV but these were interspersed with violent sex scenes featuring rapes and brutal beatings. Charlotte was then told that if She went to the police her family would die. The girls from the pop band Girls Aloud were being forced to eat each others pussies while a group of men masturbated over them. Drink this now he said handing Penny a large soda glass filled with about a pint of a white cloudy liquid with two straws in it. If he could have normal woman any way he chose and then persuade them to keep quiet about it afterwards then why not celebrities. We require your services Miss Smith Vlad continued, you are going to attend a party in exactly two weeks time, you will be collected from this address at six p. Charlotte screamed as She saw they were naked and sporting large erections. Penny tried to struggle but to no avail, She tried to close her eyes but discovered that her eyelids had been taped open. This is a live feed by the way said Vlad as Penny watched her terrified sister, five masked men stepped into view and began to tear off her sisters clothes, She was then slapped all over her body by the men, after five minutes of this a large Great Dane was brought into the room and her sister was forced to suck the dogs huge cock, Penny was screaming both at the evil defilement of her sister that She was being forced to watch and the vicious beating her ass and thighs were suffering from the two canes, You were warned said Vlad, when the horror of the beating and her sisters dreadful degradation were finally over, another large glass of horse cum was presented to Penny.

Celebrity sex tape veronica portillo

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Celebrity sex tape veronica portillo

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