Depending on one's sexual identity, homosexuals can be viewed either as an in-group or an out-group, explaining the differences in prejudice. Both the effects of religiosity and visiting antihomosexual community were significant, suggesting that despite their higher religiosity, individuals visiting anti-homosexual communities may hold negative attitudes to homosexuals for non-religious reasons. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 1, Creative cities need less government. This study was the first to investigate the relative contribution of demographic and psychological predictors to homophobia in Russian samples. Stress and mental health among midlife and older gay-identified men. Attitudes of Italian heterosexual older adults towards lesbian and gay parenting. Different people hold different opinions on these matters.

Explination of pschycological sex roles

Sexual prejudice, gender identity, norms, and homophobic communication. Altogether, the contribution of these demographic variables was rather small. Sergeev In current article we discuss methodological and theoretical problems arising from the implementation of the model of psychosocial human proposed by A. The respondents tended to endorse more strongly the beliefs reflecting the perceived threat of homosexuals to the rights and way of life of heterosexuals, as well as to the society as a whole and Russian culture. Annual Review of Psychology, 64, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 45, The three major versions of evolutionary epistemology developed by K. Problema gomofobii v Rossii [Fear of the Other: Annual Review of Psychology, 55, Effects of male role norms, sexual prejudice, and masculine gender role stress. The mediational role of social recognition in the relationship between victimization and life satisfaction among gay men. It is stated that social policy of the State is directed mainly at treating the sick and not at preserving health of the healthy. Authoritarianism in the former Soviet Union. Study 3 Methods Sample and procedure. Sociological Research, 48 2 , Attribution style and public policy attitudes toward gay rights. American Psychologist, 55 1 , Comparative morality judgments about lesbians and gay men teaching and adopting children. Stress and mental health among midlife and older gay-identified men. American Journal of Public Health, , Attitudes of Italian heterosexual older adults towards lesbian and gay parenting. Total electrical activity was recorded from different parts of fi lms of fi lamentous cyanobacteria Oscillatoria terebriformis and cyanobacterial mats comprising Geitlerinema sp. American Psychologist, 53 9 , We hope that the present attempt will facilitate future Russian-language research of homophobia, leading to development of interventions that could tackle this phenomenon at microsocial, as well as macrosocial level. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 14 2 , Contemporary Educational Psychology, 25 1 ,

Explination of pschycological sex roles

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Explination of pschycological sex roles

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    Anti-gay attitudes of criminal justice undergraduate majors. We describe three experiments exploring Aha-cueing phenomenon that was theoretically deduced from insight-as-signal model.


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