None of my other friends are in town. What should I say to him? Does this story have a happy ending? Thankfully we didn't have to wait long to find out what happened next with him and Danny! How do I approach the topic so as to not scare him off? Danny and I both came back to our hometown for the summer, but my best friend and his best friend both stayed at their schools to work and take summer classes and such.

Gay guy best friend sex

He told me he was so relieved, and that he had been obsessing over it all night worried for the same reasons I had been. Afterwards we talked some more and discussed the possibility of a relationship. He just texted me back and asked if he could come over. He asked me to be his boyfriend, and I said yes! Every time I think about it I feel giddy. I would really love advice regarding what to say to him when I talk to him next. I told him that it was my first sexual experience ever and that I was questioning my sexuality now. Thanks for helping me stay sane, reddit! It kind of feels like the best time to be realizing it with the gay marriage ruling happening. Him and his best friend and me and my best friend would all hang out together all the time after school and on weekends, play video games together and go on adventures, you know, just teenager stuff. Up until this point the college student believed that they were both straight. I am worried about telling my sister, who has recently become a born-again christian and had a lot of horrible things to say about the supreme court ruling on FB. Some background for the situation: Anyway, at the end of high school we all went to different colleges across the country for different reasons. When he finished me I asked him to let me return the favor. The area we live in is reasonably tolerant and neither of our parents are anti-gay, which I am grateful for. What do you think of this Redditor's story and its happy ending? It was like my mind switched gears in the middle of it and all of a sudden I was so turned on by him. Thought I was straight, ended up engaging in mutual oral sex with a friend that I also thought was straight. Thankfully we didn't have to wait long to find out what happened next with him and Danny! I have exciting stuff to tell you guys! How do I approach the topic so as to not scare him off? First I wanted to say thanks to everybody who commented, you all really helped me calm down and stop overthinking everything. None of my other friends are in town. He updated Redditors a few days later writing: I asked him if he managed to get laid at all at college, and he said no. He broke out into a huge grin and turned bright red, lit up like a christmas tree.

Gay guy best friend sex

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Gay guy best friend sex

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