As your hand passes the narrow neck above the g-spot, you will find the vagina opens into a luxurious cavern. If you haved raised the animal yourself in a loving enviroment, then you should have no problem associating with it, if it is a strange animal that you have met in the wild then you will have to go through an extended "courtship" to learn how to respond to the beast. He knows the smell! IE mini stilts to raise you a foot off the ground so that you can reach her pussy. If a mare is in total heat, she may truly enjoy this simulated stallion penis. The 5 years he spent on the stud farm gave him extensive equine experience! Ponies are often too small to use your arm, but you would like something larger than your standard equipment.

Haveing sex with a mare

This document is written based on experiential information a labor of love , and not a scientific exploration of the subject. It may also help her to feel the weight of your body on her rump. Horses are somewhat different from other animals in the way their cock head works. I'm so fed up with what I've been finding lately or not finding, really! This cuts down on the long hard swim that the sperm must make. Another touching gesture is n embrace in which the mare wraps her neck around the person or chest of the horse. The 5 years he spent on the stud farm gave him extensive equine experience! You must allow her a breather at this point. Play with the horse until it is comfortable with you and as you stroke it slowly move toward it's hind end. Warming Her Up Receptivity can be greatly enhanced, and the likelihood of being seriously kicked can be abated, if the mare actually likes you. Signs of Estrus There is nothing subtle about a mare in heat. The thumb is then rotated downward until it presses on the g-spot. Never use any form of petroleum lubricant or soap as this can cause serious injury to the mare. These fillys didn't even know me but they were young, inexperienced and bored The full thrust of the surge of semen is injected under force into the cervix, instead of lying in a pool in the vagina. The softness of the walls is indescribable. This will make it feel more like the real thing, as mares and stallions are very sensitive to temperature. As the mare passes from the passive phase to the arousal phase, one of several signs will occur. Horse semen is extremely viscous, if you touch your finger to a pool of it you can draw a thin string of it five to six feet long! This allows you time to get to know the mare and decide where she fits into the categories above. Doing so may cause her to panic and do significant damage to herself, you, and the immediate surroundings. Prevention of a gritty feeling that can detract from the fantastic orgasms which mares can induce. Washing with a soft washcloth soaked in warm soapy water is a terrific stimulant to the mare. Simply put, evolution favors characteristics and behaviors that are more likely to allow the individual to survive and reproduce. Mares that fall into the last category are truly super zoo horses.

Haveing sex with a mare

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Haveing sex with a mare

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