People make a choice to accept the falsehood offered by the demons for their relief, rather than stick with the truth which seems to hurt. They reach out for some type of answer to the trauma, and the demons offer some type of answer--so many Hail Mary's, or so many sacrificed cats, or pray to some idol which is a disguised demon. The slaves will wake up in the middle of the night looking for a ring--but never know what ring they are looking for. Ewin Cameron prided himself that he was able to make out of adult minds. An important mind-control programming dynamic is the creation of images. Of course they are natural feelings, so the slave has to do a great deal of repression and self-incrimination for having these natural feelings. Fear and self-preservation are grounded in death. One of the secret ceremonies to invoke demons comes from The Book of Beasts. This is the paper trail that lets us view the secret goals of the secret world of Freemasonry.

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The demon seer is invoked using the name Shaddai one of its 9 mystic names. Unless discernment is based upon love, discernment will be warped. The slave is not allowed to get angry at the programmer--which is the opposite peak of the sine wave. To get a puppet, the body is given a drug which paralyzes the child. Signs of MPD were visible in each of these cases, and these abductee are placing their wills at the command of these "higher beings". What is being discussed is how setting oneself up as "a god" or "God" is part of the religious spirit that attracts itself to so many of us. Fear is built on a threat of some kind of death. When a person or nation is rejected they will often shift to one of two extremes: The controller always plays the role of the White Rabbit. The Monarch Mind Control programming is simply the sophisticated application of what has been done to humanity on a large scale being scaled down and applied to a single human body. The ring is important for if they lose this, they think they will not get their hearts back. It also works well with non-Illuminati alters as long as they are under mind-control. Only the sureness that Almighty God loves us gives us the strength not to get caught in the self-preservation tactic of self-justification. This choice to be deceived has a great deal of spiritual power to it. Follows are symbols that are similar to one another, which are a variation on a theme. The slaves are not going to get freedom, if a minister of some church traps them into some religious group that is performance-based, rather than unconditional godly-love based. The religious spirit causes people to have self-abasement for the wrong motives. Flesh is cut from the child, and mixed with black millet and given to Satan also called Sheitan. Dark side alters of a System are taught to know these rules as part of their being. This is a very powerful program. Why did He allow us to be born? Both the Illuminati and Christian deliverance ministries agree that the mouth, ears, nose, anus, etc. In this fashion the Priest ritually gives the person a new name. Slaves also turn a great deal of anger in on themselves. They do all this surgery by hypnosis. Even today, men are telling me what to do. Life from Yahweh God.

Home made sex tape schenectady ny

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Home made sex tape schenectady ny

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