Gaming engines for example are starting to rival production renderers in quality, but in real time! Within a few short days from now I will announce the release date and final itineray. I would like to see more stories and fan art though. This is the final part of the process before video encoding. OMG only 5 days till the release of Girlfriends 4 Ever!

Hottest girfriend ever sex video

Please no more submissions!! The trailer is almost here! Must contain either the words 3DX or porn, a positive message and 6 or less words. On the upside yours truly is responsible for all the camera work and as you know I like to get the juiciest, sexiest shots of the action, covering a variety of angles including POV shots, views, etc. Keep in mind this is a 3D set and 3D sets are live sets. Thank you everyone who submitted. July 17 — Answers to some questions So I wanted to go over the more questions regarding the content, payment methods, etc. The discount coupon will be sent shortly before the release of Girlfriends 4 Ever, so not yet, but soon! And personally I think the next breakthrough is going to be gaming engines and VR. All the sex scenes will be raw audio of the girls fucking — the way it should be! Thanks for all those who participated. The final length is 3: So many great contest ideas, big thanks to everyone who submitted a suggestion, so here we go: Busy last days ahead!!! Considering the announcement tomorrow, let me hold off on the HD animation. Only recently did low cost unbiased GPU renderers bring production quality into the home. Animation takes a while to load 7mb! Going full circle this is a key aspect. Give it your best shot, who knows it may even turn into G4E 2. Give it your best shot. As I said there are 5 cut scenes which play like little clips and come with a time slider no speed slider. To give u just a little bit more time: What are the minimum system requirements for Girlfriends 4 Ever? Up next the release date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gaming engines for example are starting to rival production renderers in quality, but in real time! Obviously it features tons of sex scenes including this very anal position.

Hottest girfriend ever sex video

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Hottest girfriend ever sex video

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