Conclusions In Kisumu, local brew dens and porn video halls facilitate risky sexual encounters between youth. Sexual mixing patterns and sex-differentials in teenage exposure to HIV infection in rural Zimbabwe. Each FGD had 8 to 12 participants aged , and the discussions took about one and half hour. Kenya's Shameful National Disaster of Illicit brew. Alcohol is commonly used as a disinhibitor and a symbol of masculinity; it thus plays an important role in risky sexual behaviour [ 47 ]. We triangulated data from in-depth interviews, focus group discussions FGD , and observations, to generate a holistic description of the contexts and dynamics of sexual interactions among youth. Our aim was to deepen our understanding of the dynamics of sexual interactions of adolescents, in order to explain the high HIV prevalence among Kisumu youth in general and specifically among girls. Some girls were lured into secluded places such as a boy's cube [separate living quarter for boys], and were forced to have sex:

Older and young women having sex

Illicit Brew and its Implication. Sexual mixing patterns and sex-differentials in teenage exposure to HIV infection in rural Zimbabwe. The movies ranged from non-violent to violent pornography, and the scenes revolved around group sex, anal sex, and oral and vaginal intercourse. Caution is also suggested when generalizing our findings to other settings and populations, because the urban environment may have influenced youth norms regarding sexuality. Of the sexually active adolescents, over half of the girls reported having had partners; over half of the boys indicated having had partners and about a third reported more than 10 girlfriends. Such norms and societal power relations consistently tend to disadvantage young women, as evidenced by the high incidence of transactional and coerced sex in many sub-Saharan countries [ 28 ]. A year-old girl from a low-SES area stated: The FGDs mainly focused on youth's attitudes, risk perception and socio-cultural norms regarding sexuality. They also show that men are expected to be dominant in a relationship, and many young girls may submit to men's sexual demands because they are expected to be subordinate, especially when they are much younger [ 33 - 35 ]. There are a number of limitations that should be considered when interpreting the results. Socioeconomic disadvantage and unsafe sexual behaviors among young women and men in South Africa. Girls look at these partnerships in light of future plans, hoping for a steady relationship or marriage with an affluent older man. Eight of the 75 interviewed boys reported that that they had had contacts with a prostitute. Published online April Kenya Demographic and Health Survey They should be taught how to negotiate safe sex as part of the transactions in transactional sex. Others reported they usually stop using condoms in a new relationship when they have become more used to each other or, as a few reported, after getting a negative HIV test. Qualitative research and evaluation methods. Authors' contributions Each of the authors contributed to the article: Kisumu town is found by the shores of Lake Victoria, is the capital of Nyanza province and the third largest town in Kenya. Instead, risk-free leisure activities should be developed for youth, such as sports facilities. The authors acknowledge and thank Dr. Morris C, Ferguson A. Am J Public Health. The current phenomenon of porn video shows has not been described in literature.

Older and young women having sex

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Older and young women having sex

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