Tell me, Paula, you're in love? Corpses taken from their graves who are made to work in sugar mills and fields at nights. You'll ask me to scrub the floors next. All the floors are metal. The wrists and ankles of the accused were tied to two iron rods screwed to the floor. I respectfully ask you one Let us share the soccer pitch. The gun on the floor in there? Here's something to clean up the floor.

Paulie sex in the city

I've called the men out The gun on the floor in there? Bud, I'm trying to make it so you guys can fight it out on the soccer field in a game against Frankie's crew. They water balloon bombed us on our own turf, just because we won't let them on our soccer field. It means me wearing holes in the knees of my nylons trying to teach her how to shuffle on her bottom on the floor. Who says it's your soccer field? Wonderful green fields, and they grow apples and grapes. A baby born dead, a young husband killed by a falling tree, a flood that covers your fields and makes you go hungry for a year. I respectfully ask you one Let us share the soccer pitch. You mean there's a mountain over in Germany gets mad at a field over in France? Yeah, you can clean up the floor. I will bump you off this highway! How about the Restaurant Paul on the Avenue de la Paix? Gee, when I see nice, shiny floors like this, I feel like dancing. I mean, I, I ate a, an old French fry off the floor of my car, but I sh When a colt is born to be a polo pony I have a present for you, Paula. This unholy creature liveth in sinister caves, tombes and coffins, which are filled with cursed dirt from the fields of The Black Death. Just, er, checking up on Paul Revere. But I am a superior driver and I will batter you into submission if need be! Not out in the fields with your parents? Get two or three worms with some soil, blend everything and make a nice mix. Don't look so worried, Paula. You'll ask me to scrub the floors next. I once knew a gentleman and all he'd do is scatter some marbles on the floor and make me pick them up with my toes. Listen, you, I don't see many men around polishing floors. I'm trying to get those guys to fight it out on the soccer field.

Paulie sex in the city

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Sex and the City 2 #3 Movie CLIP - Work Woes (2010) HD

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Paulie sex in the city

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