Some differences between earlier male vs later female genital experiences, arousals and orgasms The results of SRS are made immediately obvious to the postop woman by one important effect: At the same time, either the woman or her man can play with her breasts, adding to the erotic sensations she feels. By doing this you can get over your fears of whether you will pass or "look OK" in the sack, and whether your body or scars or whatever will lead to comments or difficulties. Your sexual arousals are no longer "visible to others". Most guys will let YOU tell them or guide them towards what you like i. This anxiety is enhanced by stories heard from many TS transition failures, including the cases of intense cross-dressers, drag queens and crossdressers who mistakenly underwent SRS for various sexual reasons and then found that their male libidos were greatly reduced and their male orgasmic capability eliminated.

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You'll know it when it happens. On the other hand, they may feel a lot less physical fear of their partners than do gals going out with men. There have been so many of these misguided cases that the urban myths about SRS have escalated over the years, and there is now a lot of confusion about what to expect after SRS. Of special interests and concern is whether postop TS women can fully experience sexual arousal and orgasm. Monica's site stresses the need to gain experience with your new sexual responses prior to having intercourse. It turns out that most guys won't notice a thing even in very problematic cases as long you are sexually functional. Those who are "in between somewhere" will likely experience a mixture of losses and gains. Most postop women having healthy libidos begin to experience their first postop arousals within a month or two after surgery. She can move her pelvis against her partner's so that her clitoris rubs against his pubic bone and pressure can be applied to her aroused corpora stumps, inside her and just behind the clitoris , which is an effective way to trigger an orgasm in many cases. This section is relevant for those postop women who have healthy libidos, who experience sexual arousals and who desire ongoing sexual fulfillment and orgasms. Even if you find a good loving partner who turns you on and who is a good lover, you may still need some advance practice in order to easily reach orgasm. Thus the "woman on top" position see photo of Jenny Hildouaki below is considered by some women to be the easiest way to reach orgasm through intercourse alone, even without extra manual clitoral stimulation. However, even these postop women will eventually begin to experience genital arousals and the onset of sexual desires if they have active libidos. They may simply discover that they have little or no genital sensation when they are not turned on, even with the man penetrating them and ejaculating into them. However, it is important to avoid doing it with just "any guy", especially someone whose persona or approach doesn't turn you on, or who doesn't try to make you feel good. The arousals will gradually intensify as her genital area fully heals from the SRS. This can be a good thing to get behind you, because you'll be much more comfortable in the knowledge that you can really "do it", and it'll be easier the next time when it might really count. Women should not hesitate to suggest Viagra to their men, because it can be a wonderful lovemaking enhancer. On the other hand, there is a really great advantage to having female genitals that soon becomes obvious too: In addition, the postop woman can now also experience wonderful sensations from caressing her clitoris, which, in contrast to the previously hidden penis, can now be openly played with without her experiencing angst about her body-image. After surgery, some women find that their adrenal glands the other source of testosterone do not produce enough to provide adequate libido or orgasm. For starters, you could check out books like How to Be a Great Lover: For lovemaking to work, you and your partner must both be aroused and be comfortable with each other, and you must find sweet and compatible ways to share and enjoy lovemaking together. That way she can be sure to come even if it takes some time. She now has to "sit down to pee". However, not "feeling much" when having sex with a man while you are not turned on is pretty much the same for ALL women, TS or not!

Photo sex change before after

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Photo sex change before after

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