How do you intend to get him to join us? She came in to the living room and said hi, before telling Scott she was glad he was here as she needs his help, but leaving the room before he could ask what for. You know I love girls in bikinis, and she looked fit in it, that's all" "Right, so if I said to you let's have a threesome, you, me, and Hayley, you'd say no? Before Scott could respond, Hayley returned in the third outfit for approval, this time a tropical plant print design on a similar style to the last one. Sure enough, there was Hayley, fully naked facing towards him, bending down to pull up the bottoms of the chosen first bikini, allowing him to see her small breasts hanging down, and get another quick look at her pussy. As the door from the entrance to the living room was open, this created a barrier so Scott didn't see her, but both Dan and Hayley knew that in a few seconds, the position of the mirror would mean he can see everything. I've got an idea if you fancy another challenge? The thought of him fucking her with Dan was also a turn on.

Sex all night in jacuzzi

She was concerned people would think she's a slut and be different with her, hence why she was happy to go through with it when they were away for the weekend, as the guys were complete strangers. She went into the bedroom leaving the doors open again , and pulled out the various bikinis she intended to take on holiday, along with the new ones she had just brought. After what seemed like an eternity, the guys finished and went for a steam and Jacuzzi, before hitting the showers, where Dan noticed that Scott was less chatty and had his back towards him a lot more than normal. Dan and Hayley had spoken quite a lot about the incredible weekend away they shared a couple of weeks before, and it usually led to them ending up in bed fucking like their lives depended on it. It was a see through white mesh, and the actual parts that were there to "cover" were tiny. As the two guys turned to check it out, Scott's eyes nearly popped out of his head, while Dan took a sharp intake of breath at the sight in front of them. Once they were dry, she chucked the towel onto the bed, leaned forward to remove the towel holding her hair, before turning around completely and flicking her hair back in order to start drying it. Almost as soon as he sat down, Dan heard the shower switch off, and knew that it was almost show time, in more ways than one. He walked back into the bathroom again, and told Hayley his new plan for the day, before the idea hit him. Luckily she wasn't home he thought to himself, so did his best to concentrate on FIFA, which Dan was in the process of loading up. This left Scott to stare into the mirror again while he was gone, his eyes locked onto Hayley's nude form as she stood apparently unaware she was being seen. Links on my profile. I'll put a small mark on the floor where the prime position is in the bedroom, make sure you leave the doors open and he will be able to see your gorgeous body. Scott was a good looking guy, and never seemed to have any trouble picking up girls, regularly having a girlfriend for several months until something happened and they broke up and he moved on a couple of weeks later. The second she had left the room, Dan immediately turned to Scott - "I notice you didn't answer my question" Scott looked at his friend with his trademark smile, before giving him a response - "Fuck off" he said while laughing, "You're winding me up. Would it grab your attention? Again, after the approving comments, Hayley turned to get changed. This time though, it was different. He had just finished putting a small bit of tape on the floor as a marker when his phone pinged again - 'I'm outside, just finishing a cig' 'Ah, Come in then, I'm not ready yet' he replied, before quickly walking into the bathroom a final time and telling Hayley he was about to come in for a bit. Before Scott could respond, Hayley returned in the third outfit for approval, this time a tropical plant print design on a similar style to the last one. This was not the only issue he was having to contend with, as because his mind was constantly replaying the image of Hayley naked in his head, his cock was responding, and resulted in his workout having to be completed whilst sporting a semi. Dan and Scott went back to their game for a few minutes. As they were going on holiday in just over a week, he was thinking that this would possibly present further opportunities for repeat performances, so made a mental note to mention this to Hayley, in order to gauge her thoughts on it. The thought of him fucking her with Dan was also a turn on. As Dan was in the kitchen clearing up the mess from last night's dinner, he couldn't see Scott, but Scott could definitely see Hayley.

Sex all night in jacuzzi

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Sex all night in jacuzzi

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    Dan and Scott went back to their game for a few minutes. The top being little more than tiny triangles, with her nipples clearly being visible beneath the fabric, the bottoms almost like a thong, except for a small patch of cloth that covered barely an inch of her front, the recently regrown landing strip extending up past this, impossible to miss.


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