While time in the U. Criminal activity by the U. This means training the guard at the door, the guards in the waiting room, and the interviewing officer, not to mention the civil surgeons in the area that must conduct medical exams. Client safety is paramount in these situations, and timing could be everything. We are also looking at alternative visa options work visas, other family sponsorships, or other programs. This requires very careful planning to assure that there will not be any false representations made to the border agents. Prior heterosexual marriages can create eligibility issues, delays or expense.

Sex for a green card

In that case, a waiver of inadmissibility would be required. It is very important to evaluate whether a couple will immigrate with children because of age-out issues. The Adam Walsh Act prohibits certain U. In some very narrow situations, some couples with stable jobs or businesses abroad may come to the US and marry, and then leave the US to complete consular processing. We also look to see whether the foreign national may actually be a U. We have seen clients with an existing history of visa denials. There are also issues around mental health, alcohol and drug use. The same public charge issue applies to other communicable diseases and treatment. Individuals with communicable diseases or mental health problems need their cases carefully evaluated for eligibility and potential for waivers. Every case has to be evaluated on its particular facts, but for the most part, it will be important to argue that the law fundamentally changed after admission. If one must consular process abroad, it is important to determine whether leaving the U. This was discussed above in part. That explains why so many people want to jump the gun to get here by any means and then apply for adjustment of status that only takes a few months. Same-sex couples and opposite sex couples can face the following problems that can affect future immigration status: See the discussion above about the risks involved. And patience is needed here in order to benefit from the U. Other Common Issues Now that bi-national and dual-national same-sex couples are part of the U. Below, I divide my observations into several themes about the kinds of issues same sex couples are facing. Are there children involved? Some people, because of a poor immigration history are unable to immigrate at all given current laws. What about other visa options? Have all prior marriages been lawfully terminated? We look forward to getting through upcoming government green card interviews in the next few weeks and coming months so that our clients can have green cards in hand. The person may or may not be inadmissible, and if inadmissible, may need a waiver if one is available. To immigrate as a child of a US citizen or with the spouse of a US citizen, the child must be under 21 and unmarried. It can result in a finding of fraud or misrepresentation, which is a ground of inadmissibility to deny a green card. One must be admissible to get a green card or visa.

Sex for a green card

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Sex for a green card

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