I would like a cosmo please posted by Rakisha I have added it as my favourite party drink USA posted by Jan The recipe was said to have been invented by a bartender at that club in honor of Colonel James E. To the above poster. Less Tart posted by Ian If made correctly, this drink is fabulous.

Sex in the city cocktail

Each year, during the first two weeks of June, Louisville celebrates "Old Fashioned Fortnight" which encompasses bourbon events, cocktail specials and National Bourbon Day which is always celebrated on June The reason they cost eight dollars in a bar is because they have so much vodka. Only few of them dare try it though!! I go lighter on the lime juice though. Plan on having them again on Christmas Day. If made correctly, this drink is fabulous. Cut the lime posted by Chris Long story short Cosmopolitan is my drink of choice: A blessing from heaven!! Also, instead of Plain Vodka, give it a twist with a citrus-y flavored Vodka or, sooo good, the new blood orange flavor some of the brands are coming out with! Good for Baby Boomers posted by Young Guy And has a good kick! Well no matter, I have you now! I got hooked on these courtesy of Miss Bradshaw A little chic twist posted by Anonymous Better than a Vodka Red Bull.. Not sure if the drink is supposed to taste like that. Try a raspberry cosmo posted by susie - bermuda The original concoction, albeit in different proportions, came back into vogue, and was referred to as "old-fashioned". Alcune varianti invece differiscono per l'uso di alcuni ingredienti diversi. I could go for one right now. Dont forget to chill the glass fill with ice cold water whilst shaking then discard before you strain. Eh posted by Dan Chili Cosmopolita posted by Mikey Sex n the city posted by stanford Albori[ modifica modifica wikitesto ] La storia del cocktail ha delle radici piuttosto vaghe. Not quite there posted by Barman It is the secret to the best tasting appletinis too!!

Sex in the city cocktail

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Cosmopolitan - Sex & the city

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Sex in the city cocktail

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    Perfect cocktail posted by Texas gal I can use it to rewind at the end of the day.


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