Because neither machine is the runaway winner, I find it difficult to recommend one over the other. Once you find your ideal position, simply tighten up the two black bolts. I love the way that fucking machines just never tire and they never give up. I really looked forward to seeing how this one performed, so read on to see what I think of it. The Blue Balls XL arrives flat-packed, so assembly is required before use. Once loosened, slide the rod up or down the slider to set the thrust length. The Blue Balls XL is a mains powered, thrusting sex machine that can be used with a variety of dildos or male masturbation sleeves.

Sex machine reviews blue balls

The Blue Balls XL is a portable sex machine, but it still requires reasonable upper body strength to lug around. If you are curious about the noise, take a look at my video review at the end of this page. I love the way that fucking machines just never tire and they never give up. I could hardly contain my excitement when opening the packaging as it is always a real treat to try a new fucking machine. The polystyrene packaging holds the machine and the four attachments securely The main body and its legs are pre-assembled, and all you need to do is align the holes in the legs with the holes in the solid base. I love the design, the build quality is very good, and the components are all powder coated for corrosion resistance. Power compatible with all countries v — v. So enough about the statistics and how to put it together, you no doubt want to know my opinion of how it compares to other machines in use. To alter the thrust length from 1. Couple this with how easy it is to strip down for storage, making it a machine you can use in a busy household. I really looked forward to seeing how this one performed, so read on to see what I think of it. The machine is brushed with graphite giving it a quieter operation for those living in close proximity to others. Finally, tighten up the two bolts. Assembly is quick and the set up for fucking is easy; I very much like the simplicity of adjusting the angle and height as you can create different positions during a session without losing the moment. You get an Allen key tool and seven screws in a bag, and that is all you need to assemble this machine. You get a little tub of graphite grease included, and this is to lubricate the linear bearing for the thrust rod to reduce wear and noise. As usual, this fucking machine was delivered extremely quickly, and the attractive retail display box was hidden within a plain cardboard box, and then black plastic wrapping was placed around the box. If you are looking for a fucking machine with the latest technology and built with engineering expertise the Blue Balls XL 2. Grab one of these fun fucking machines from sexmachines. The Blue Balls XL 2. The base of the Blue Balls XL is relatively small, this allows the sex machine to sit on a bed, a sofa, a table or wherever you like to screw, with ease. You can use this fantastic machine standing, sitting, laid on your back or even doggy style, it is incredibly flexible, and I have to salute the manufacturer Diva on coming up with a fantastic design that allows up to degrees of adjustment. You can always rely on deliveries from sexmachines. Some of my personal favourites include: Both of these sex machines have impressed me, but each has a few advantages over the other.

Sex machine reviews blue balls

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Sex machine reviews blue balls

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