He carefully sat back down on the chair and reclined as before, releasing the lad's head from his iron grip. The man watched him, still gently caressing his meat through the pocket lining. I'm gonna teach you how everything works, and keep you safe, and you're gonna, well, help me out. Better learn quick, Jack. It was one thing going with the flow and letting his dad tell him what to do, it was another thing entirely to admit out loud that he wanted it. Gettin yer old man worked up a treat. The guvnor had kept his promise after all.

Straight sex dad with son

The lad worked his way down one side in a frenzy, under and back up the other. He was actually sucking a man's dick. Six years banged up has taught me to take it where I can get it. He'd beaten up a gay boy once at school and laughed about it with his mates for weeks. Jack gagged for a moment but managed to bring the reflex under control, focussing attention back down to the man's crotch, trying for an easier angle. He could see the lad was loving it now, worshipping his dad's hard meat as only a son could. You better believe it now. His dad was really gonna give it to him. But above all else he didn't want to disappoint this man. The reality was very different. He was gonna fuckin feed it to him every day. His smooth face was soon covered with crotch sweat and his own saliva. The man relaxed his grip very slightly and their eyes locked. He was gonna be doin this every fuckin day. Something like this, maybe? Looked like an ex-cage fighter or something. The lad had done a damned good job there, no mistake. Maybe one day, she'd always said, maybe one day. His rock hard meat surged. Jack managed OK to start with, but increasingly began to lose, much to his annoyance. His dad's meaty knuckles worked rapidly back and forth, dangerously close to striking him in the face, the mighty forearm taut and vicious. Ain't a gay thing, like I said. Built like a brick shithouse, as they used to say. His dad grunted approvingly as the lad's smooth arms rubbed over his rough skin. The thug had him over a barrel alright. The horny porn image was still there in Jack's head:

Straight sex dad with son

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Straight sex dad with son

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