Its Master is under no obligation to stop at the yellow light warning. Master shall determine how and when and where it is to receive this punishment. It must remember that punishment could never be very effective if it were able to control it. It knows that after training it is to still maintain and study these rules that will be used as a basis to govern it over a long term period. It must remove all of its clothing in the way it has been taught when Master commands it to do so. If it displeases Master it desires that He inform it so that it can correct its actions. This is not to be interpreted as a means of arguing are disagreeing with orders.

Submissive medical slave girl sex

Calm and loving, or vicious? It can be punished if It attempts to use it for control or to set basic limits on its Masters authority. It will work on building up its tolerances to the level Master needs it to have, being careful not to push itself further or faster than it is ready to endure for Him, so that it may be able to expand its limitations and increase its value to Him. It must remember that how well it behaves enlightens and empowers it to become even closer to which it is — a devoted slave, of good rapport to a Master who truly understands its needs in relationship to His own. It can give Him no orders. It knows Master has the right to discipline or punish it at any time He wishes for any violation. It is a safety device only. It must never reach orgasm without explicit permission from Master. It should know better than to displease him and accept his punishment. It knows that as a standard it will be punished for the following reasons: Master is in complete charge of its sexual desires and it wishes that He molds them in a way that is most pleasing to Him. Clients tend to book me for dinner dates or extended bookings where we might see a gig or a show before heading back to the hotel room for dessert, but I also travel with clients and love the odd weekend away. In public, it is to wear a dress or skirt without panties around Master. It will accept the guidance it will need to be put back on track so that it will be forgiven and once again be pleasing to Him. This shall not be considered a blanket invitation to disobey any of the other rules. It fully acknowledges that it no longer has ownership of its sexual being. It will perform them to the best of its abilities and within the boundaries and guidance He has established for it. It is not expected to misbehave to get attention. Its basic attire in the presence of my Master shall always include a collar given to it by Master. If it displeases Master it desires that He inform it so that it can correct its actions. It will practice remembering its safe word. The expressions of its emotions and its physical responses are important to Him. Its Master is under no obligation to stop at the yellow light warning. It knows that it will be punished or disciplined for violations of the rule, both written and oral, in order to correct its behavior and to insure He find it pleasing. It knows that attempts, by it, to limit His power, control or status as a Master would lead to it being punished.

Submissive medical slave girl sex

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Submissive medical slave girl sex

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